Writing directional instructions

During today’s Computing lesson with Mr Baddhan, Year 1 learned more about algorithms. They used a program called Lily Hop to write down instructions before trying them on the computer.

Yesterday Puffins learned that algorithms are a clear set of instructions to achieve an outcome.

The children were asked to write down instructions to direct the frog to the stone using directional commands. They then tested their instructions to see if they were correct.

Lord of the Dance

Part of our music lesson today the children all listened and appraised Lord of the Dance. The children were asked to think about what instruments they could hear and how the music made them feel.

‘I can hear a violin playing really fast’ Maya
‘I can hear flute, it sounds beautiful’ Helen
‘It made me feel happy because it was fast’ Daisy. G
‘It made me want to move because it’s fun’ Liam

Safer Internet Week: Consent

As part of Safer Internet Week the Puffins have been discussing the word consent.

“Consent is when you ask your mom or teacher and they say you can” Maarya

We then moved on to reading the story Zap and Zoom Go Online.

We discovered how important it is to not give out own personal information and to always ask an adult for permission if something pops up.

I overheard lots of the puffins having great conversations such as;
“He shouldn’t give his name because he doesn’t know if it’s safe” Millie
“Zap made a good choice he didn’t share his full name” Naz
Daisy W shared the story ‘”one time a messaged popped up on a PJ Masks game and asked for where I live so I told mummy”.


In PSHE today we focused on how all families are different. We shared with each other who is in our family and discussed what is the same and different in each family. We then read The Family Book by Todd Parr exploring different type of families.

“It ok to have different people in your family we love each other its great to have other people.” Imogen
“All people are different and that’s ok same as families. We all love each othe.r” Maya


As part of our topic for this half term we are learning all about Africa. Today the children have been trying out our new roleplay area pretending they are on safari. We have also as part of our geography discussed what would we need to pack if we went on holiday to Africa.