Home Learning – 4/5/20

Hi Puffins

Hope you are all well and staying safe. I can’t believe the change in weather, although a bit miserable and rainy last week Thomas and I have enjoyed splashing in puddles with our wellies! His socks got very soggy! Fingers crossed the sun will come back this week.

I hope you parents are still staying sane and managing breaks where you can, as difficult it is, tea breaks is of the upmost importance. I have attached the activities for this week, hopefully with no mistakes but if you do spot any then please let me know and I can make alterations.

As always if you need any help or guidance than please do not hesitate to contact me via the teacher help email teacher@bellsfrm.bham.sch.uk Please also try and keep up with your reading daily as I know how much you Puffins love a story.

Documents to download
Week 5 – 5 a day and Maths links ANSWERS
Week 5 5 a day and Maths links
Week 5 Reading activity (re-uploaded)
Week 5 SPaG, Handwriting and Phonics ANSWERS
Week 5 SPaG, Handwriting and Phonics

If you wanted to send me any work you have been doing or any activities you have been doing at home it would be fantastic to hear from you and then I can share them with your friends on the blog too! teacher@bellsfrm.bham.sch.uk

I am missing you all so very much and can’t wait to get back to school together

Stay safe from

Miss Coghlan

Home Learning – 27/04/20

Hi Puffins

Hope you are all well and staying safe. I have had a great time this week completing all of Thomas’ school work with him and then having time in the afternoon to enjoy the sunshine and the paddling pool. Hope you have had a busy week too getting as much fresh air as possible. I have added some phonics in with the tasks this week so you all have to help your parents with the sounds! If you have any fantastic work or activities you would like to share with me then please get your parents to send me a picture. I would love share it with the rest of the puffins on the blog too! (Email to teacher@bellsfrm.bham.sch.uk)

Parents I have attached the work for this week to be completed. Try and do as much as you can (30mins max per activity) remember not to stress if you are finding it hard and brain breaks for both you and your child are essential.

Documents to download
Week 4 Phonics, SPaG and Handwriting
Week 4 Phonics, SPaG and Handwriting ANSWERS
Week 4 Reading activitiy
Week 4 5 a day and Maths links ANSWERS
Week 4 5 a day and Maths links

Let me know if you need any advice or want to share anything via the teacher help email teacher@bellsfrm.bham.sch.uk

Stay safe and have a great week

Miss Coghlan

Activities for week commencing 20.4.20

Dear Parents and Puffins,

I hope you had a lovely Easter break with lots of sunshine and chocolate! I have attached work to be completed daily with answers, each activity should take around 30mins maximum. If you do not have the facilities to print than this can be just displayed on your phone/tablet/laptop/computer screen if needs be while your child simply uses a board or paper. Please remember it would be great if you could do little and often with your child daily but as a home schooling parent myself I understand the battle at these hard times. If you do need any help or advice than please feel free to email via the teacher@bellsfrm.bham.sch.uk email address.

Missing you all.

Stay safe

Miss Coghlan

Documents to download
Maths support letter
Week 3 Reading activity
Week 3 SPaG and Handwriting
Wk 3 5 a day ANSWERS
5 a day and maths lesson links

Easter Homework

Hi Puffins,

I hope you are all staying safe. School has been very quiet without you all this week.

I have put on the spelling for you to learn over the Easter and there is a game to practise the spellings.


For your maths over Easter there is a I Spy counting and addition to 20.Here is a link to a game to help the children sequence and order the numbers within 20 https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ordering-and-sequencing/caterpillar-ordering

I would be a great idea maybe to do an egg hunt in the house or even the garden. I have attached some eggs you could colour in and cut our and maybe the adults could hide them for you to find.

Documents related to this homework
SpellingS WC 30th March 2020
I Spy and Add Checklist and Answers WK 2
Easter Eggs to colour

Have a great Easter and lots of chocolate.

Stay safe

Miss Coghlan

Creating pictographs

During Computing with Mr Baddhan, Year 1 Puffins have been tallying up their favourite items to create pictographs.

The children created a tally for the following items:
► Favourite farm animal
► Favourite material
► Favourite pet
► Favourite minibeast

They then used Purple Mash’s 2Count program to add data into a pictograph.

The children then created a pictograph by gathering their own tally data.

Creating stick animations

During Computing, Year 1 Puffins have this afternoon enjoyed creating their own animations using Pivot Stick Animator.

Mr Baddhan explained to the children of what an animation is and that each animation includes a collection of frames.

Using the Pivot Stick Animator program, the children were asked to create a waving man. Then the children tried animating different stick figures.

Design and technology skills

The Puffins have been developing their design and technology skills over the last week. So far we have learnt and practiced cutting accurately. Marking and measuring accurately. Moving on to testing the most appropriate materials and equipment to use to finally make out dog on wheels towards the end of the week.