Writing directional instructions

During today’s Computing lesson with Mr Baddhan, Year 1 learned more about algorithms. They used a program called Lily Hop to write down instructions before trying them on the computer.

The children were asked to write down instructions to direct the frog to the stone using directional commands. They then tested their instructions to see if they were correct.

Video: Nursery rhymes

This week the children have learnt lots of new nursery rhymes and practiced ones they already knew. This has been difficult as due to COVID no singing was involved indoors but we were able to perform them outdoors, acted out the stories from the rhymes, ordered the lines to make sense and completed missing words to ensure we all learnt and understood them.

Our local area topic

Today the children have been test running their new afternoon curriculum and have started their geography topic Our Local Area. Before the children can explore the area they live in, they need to understand what part of the world and the country they live in first. So, today using an atlas they were able to local and label all four countries of the UK. After we spent some time using Google maps to locate where we live.

Sharing skills

The Puffins have made a positive start to the week and have been busy learning during their continuous provision sessions in the afternoon. The children have been putting into practise their sharing skills for games, their fine motor skills with the playdoh and communication skills within the role play dinosaurs.

To find out about our friends

Today for PSHE we discussed what it we liked or disliked. To talked to each other about our favourite things and things we don’t like. The children discovered lots about their friends and how important it is to have their own opinion about what they like or dislike. The children then made their own chains of information to give to a friend to learn more about each other.

‘I like pizza and I don’t like trees’ AJ
‘I like ice cream and I dislike chilli’ Alexus
‘My favourite is peppers and I dislike nothing’ Kayden