Building a Book

Today we were very lucky to continue our Book Week adventures by working with a real author. Wow!

Rob Bowden has written dozens of non-fiction books for children and we were very lucky to have him in school to help us create some pages of our own non-fiction text. Our pages were about dinosaurs, because that is our topic.

In the morning Rob took an assembly for the whole school and explained to us all the different people who are involved in making a book- there were 12 different jobs! After that we worked in ‘discovery groups’ in the classroom to investigate different things about dinosaurs. We used iPads, non-fiction books, our own knowledge, videos, songs and the knowledge of others to help us find the answers to these questions…

  • How big were the dinosaurs?
  • How much did a dinosaur weigh?
  • What did dinosaurs eat?
  • How can we find out more about dinosaurs?
  • What did dinosaurs look like?

We also took some photographs and typed up some interesting ‘Did You Know…?’ facts that we had learned. Did YOU know that a diplodocus could live to over 100 years old??

In the afternoon, Rob took all the information we had discovered and talked to us about how we wanted it to look on the page, so we would get a chance to help with the design. We chose to have a browny green background (because we thought it was the same colour as dinosaur skin) and have dinosaur eggs with page numbers in them.
After we had designed it as a class, Rob typed up and arranged out pictures and information on the page.


Here are some pictures of us working with Rob and doing our research (including measuring out how long a T-Rex was!).

3 thoughts on “Building a Book

  1. Wow Year 1 this is fantastic work. When I popped into your class earlier today, you all seemed to be enjoying researching and gathering some ideas on your dinosaurs topic. I also noted that you were using your iPads in an effective manner.

    1. Thank you Mr Baddhan! We are going to ask you a question about dinosaurs. Do you know how long a T-Rex is? We do!!

      1. Hmmm… good question, I’ll have a wild guess around the 30 feet mark – am I right Year 1?

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