Home Learning – 6/7/20

Hi Puffins

Hope you are all staying safe and learning lots. I can not wait to see you next week if your coming for your half day visit, it’s all very exciting ? Please remember to come to book exchange on Monday and Thursday, it is really important to keep reading and being able to choose some different books is always exciting.

Guided reading activity with answers
Writing tasks
Common exception words practise
Monday -Counting-to-100
Monday Answers-Counting-to-100
Tuesday Partitioning-numbers
Tuesday -Answers-Partitioning-numbers
Wednesday Comparing-numbers
Wednesday Answers-Comparing-numbers
Thursday Comparing-numbers-2
Thursday Answers-Comparing-numbers-2

See you all very soon ?

Miss Coghlan

1 thought on “Home Learning – 6/7/20

  1. Hi, The writing task pdf file is not clear. Few text areas are removed. Can you upload again? Thanks

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