Home Learning – 15/6/20

Hi Puffins

Hope you are all well and still enjoying your home learning. It has been great to see some of you at school this week but missing the rest of you very much 🙁 Fingers crossed the sunshine comes back out this week as it was a little chilly last week. Don’t forget to come and change your reading books at book exchange every Monday and Thursday 10 -2pm, Miss Williams loves seeing you all. Also we have finished out spelling patterns for the year now so will be focusing on the common exception words weekly. Keep up all the hard work and don’t forget to send me some pictures or details on how you are doing as I love to see them.

Daily writing tasks ANSWERS
Daily writing tasks
Week 10 5 a day with lesson links
CEW Spelling MON
Reading task with answers
Week 10 Maths ANSWERS
Monday -Measure-mass
Monday Answers-Measure-mass
Tuesday Answers-Compare-mass
Wed Introduce-capacity-and-volume
Wed Answers-Introduce-capacity-and-volume
Thurs Measure-capacity
Thurs -Answers-Measure-capacity

Stay safe

Miss Coghlan

2 thoughts on “Home Learning – 15/6/20

  1. Hi! For the reading activity ” Reading task with answers” do we just need the child to read it? Because i don’t see the questions. Thanks

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