Home Learning – 01/6/20

Hi Puffins

Hope you are all doing well. Its has been fantastic to hear all your voices over the last few weeks. I hope you had fun in the sun last week and took a well earned break from learning.

Documents to download
Week 8 5 a day with lesson links
MONDAY Lesson-1-Add-by-making-10
MONDAY Answers-Add-by-making-10
TUESDAY Lesson-2-Subtraction-crossing-10
TUESDAY Lesson-2-Answers-Subtraction-crossing-10
WEDNESDAY Lesson-3-Subtraction-crossing-10
WEDNESDAY Lesson-3-Answers-Subtraction-crossing-10
THURSDAY Lesson-4-Compare-number-sentences
THURSDAY Lesson-4-Answers-Compare-number-sentences
Week 8 English
Reading Activity with answers
Week 8 English ANSWERS
Week 8 Maths ANSWERS

The White Rose daily worksheets have also been attached with the answers for you to view parents, as the subscription is no a premium service. Thank you all again for sharing your photos and activities via email its great to see what you are all up to.

Stay safe

Miss Coghlan

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