Tatenda’s home learning

Hi Miss Coghlan

We miss you so much. I cannot wait to see you. During the quarantine I have been playing and doing my school work from the blog. I have enjoyed spending time with Tanatswa, baking and playing outside. I have also been helping to tidy up the house and making sure our room is not messy. I also wash my plate every time after eating. We made cupcakes which were delicious. I had 9 of them and my family had the rest. It was my birthday in April, when we come back, I will bring sweets for everyone. My mum asked me to write about myself and she has sent you a picture. I cannot wait to see you and my other teachers and friends.

5 thoughts on “Tatenda’s home learning

  1. Ahh girls it’s lovely to hear you have been helping each other at home and it’s amazing to hear how much you love each other so sweet 🙂

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