Maths Week problem!


Throughout this week we have been participating in a range of maths challenges. The aim for the week was to complete maths challenges and not give up, even when they got tricky.

We completed a Sudoku puzzles, logic problems, measuring activities along with general problem solving linked to our dinosaur topic. This morning we took the opportunity to share our work with Year 2 and look at what problems each class had been completing.


This week has given the children the chance to try and try again, without feeling like they had failed at a task. During the afternoons we then turned our attention to our topic of dinosaurs and thinking about measurements. Today we answered the question;

Who would have been tallest; a dinosaur or a person?

To complete this task we first researched how tall the dinosaurs were. We then used the measuring tape to measure out in feet and inches. These measurements don’t really mean much to us at the moment so we compared the size to children. We had lots of fun measuring each other and finding alternative ways to make the measurement. Poor Chandler and Sumeiya were chosen constantly as we always found that other children were just a little bit too tall. Our final outcome was that dinosaurs were definitely bigger, especially the T-rex.

During check out this afternoon, we discussed the things we have enjoyed about school this week. It was clear that all children have enjoyed the challenge of maths week and really embraced persevering.


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  1. Puffins you’ve all enjoyed yourselves during Maths Week, well done on your wonderful work. I especially liked the dinosaur hunt. Your persevering skills are fantastic to see, keep up the good work!

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