How big is a dinosaur?


This afternoon Puffin class received an email, we found out that a dinosaur had been in our school last night. We were so shocked we went on an adventure looking for clues. We found half eaten carrots, mud, our plants all eaten and an enormous muddy footprint. Here are the pictures we received.

1 2 3

We were given the task to find out how big he was. We tried lots of different methods but none of them measured the footprint accurately.

We then thought about using our shoes to compare the dinosaur with us. We split into groups, took off our shoes and started to measure.

This is what we found;

7 shoes + 7 shoes + 7 shoes + 8 shoes = 29 shoes

This meant that the dinosaurs footprint was the same size as 29 of our feet. He must be enormous.

We then thought about finding a home for 29 children (because they are the same size as the triceratops). We tried Mrs Roses room, the sunshine room, the media centre and the staff room. However nowhere is big enough to keep him.

The only place we could find to keep him, was outside. However, we thought of lots of problems with him being outside;


We concluded that we can’t keep him because he is just too big.

1 thought on “How big is a dinosaur?

  1. This looked so much fun Year 1, I saw exactly how happy you all were taking part in this task. I’m glad you worked out how big the dinosaur’s feet were, they really are big! Keep up the good work Puffins!

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