Making a fantasy setting


Over the past week in English we have been developing our own ideas to write fantasy stories based on Where the wild things are. We started by creating a list of fantasy settings that Max could visit on his boat. We thought about fantasy stories we enjoy and borrowed some of the ideas. We have been busy creating these settings, using a range of craft materials and including lots of details. We worked hard in pairs to create our settings and we really enjoyed being creative. Mrs Jones was very impressed with our effort and she is proud to share them on the display in our classroom.

Once we had created our settings, we then thought about characters that might live in the settings. We thought of lots of ideas including; aliens in space, mermaids under the sea, dinosaurs in the desert, princesses in kingdoms and talking crabs at the beach. Once we had created our characters we made them in to finger puppets to start developing our story ideas. We have some fantastic ideas to start planning our stories. When we have written our stories we will share some examples.

5 thoughts on “Making a fantasy setting

  1. They looked good while you were making them but they look amazing now! Well done Puffins.

  2. Great work Puffins – what a lovely way to get thinking creatively about writing!

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