Our week on fractions


This week we have started to look at fractions. This is something we haven’t really looked at before so we have completed lots of practical activities to support our understanding. We started by thinking about whole objects and how we could split them, this then developed along with our language, here are some of our key words for fractions.


We then started to think about what happens when we split our whole in to two (to find halves) and four (to find quarters).

Here are some fraction facts;
– If you split a whole in to two equal parts you have halves.
– All parts need to be the same size.
– ½ add ½ = whole
– If you split a whole in to four equal parts you have quarters.
– If you take away ¼ from a whole you are left with ¾.

We are having lots of fun learning about fractions.

3 thoughts on “Our week on fractions

  1. What a lot you have learned about fractions in such a short time and in such a fun and practical way, Puffins. Well done all of you!

  2. wow very impressive I think you should come down to our class and have a go at our work

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