Video: Discussing a piece of music

Today Mrs Jones played us When I’m 62 by The Beatles.

We listened to the music before sharing our thoughts. We started keeping the beat throughout the song independently and Mrs Jones was very impressed.

Here are the questions we discussed:

Did you like the song?
Reuben – Yes, I like the beat.
Isabella – Yes, I liked the singing.
Llukan – No, it is too slow.
Oscar – Yes, it is nice and quiet. It is not too loud.
Maddison – Yes, I liked the words.

What can you hear?
Khaltum – I could hear a flute.
Ishmael – I could hear a trumpet.
Miranda – I could hear a piano.
Kyle – The drum is keeping the beat.

After warming up our voices, we then continued practising our pirate songs. We have learnt the words well and we have started to use the backing track to sing all the way through.

5 thoughts on “Video: Discussing a piece of music

  1. That was lovely signing. Reuben has recreated the song, actions and he has added in his own moves!

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