Have a look at our book!

Year 1 can now proudly present our pages from the Build a Book project we took part in on Tuesday. Rob Bowden has typed out our work and used some of our own illustrations to bring our pages to life. We looked at our pages today and we were all very proud of ourselves and amazed that our work could look so professional!

We have seen Reception and Year 2’s book pages but we are excited to see the whole book once it is complete.

Are you impressed with our research?


3 thoughts on “Have a look at our book!

  1. I have had a sneak preview of your pages and they look amazing – you have al worked so hard. Well done!

  2. Your pages about dinosaurs are terrific, I’ve learnt some new things about dinosaurs now – well done Year 1!

  3. Fantastic Year 1! And thank you for letting me work with you! So much exciting work was going on…and your pages look wonderful! Great dinosaur discoveries!

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