Monthly Archives: November 2013

Newspaper tower challenge!

Our next challenge was to take part in the whole school tower building competition. We were only allowed to use 3 newspapers, some tape and scissors. Miss Outhwaite was going to come and measure the winners of her challenge in the afternoon so we had to work very hard! We looked at pictures of towers and talked about what the strongest shape was- do you know what it is? Then we set to work! I wonder who will be the winner…?!

Look at our amazing tower!

5 4 3

Scary monster!

On Tuesday of Maths Week, Year 1 began by reading the story ‘Not Now, Bernard’, by David McKee. We looked at the monster in the story and thought that he looked a bit too friendly, so we decided to design a scarier monster! We have been learning to count in 2s, and we used this knowledge to help us create monsters with:

An EVEN number of arms

An ODD number of eyes

An EVEN number of legs

An ODD number of horns.

Do you think our monsters are scary??

2 1

We also looked at our faces and made a collage of ourselves on a paper plate, which will become part of a huge number line around the school! 

3 4


Fun way to start Maths Week!

Today Year 1 had a day of Maths activities to begin Maths Week. In the morning we learned what a tally was for and how to correctly record tally marks. Then we looked at some of our favourite books from the book corner and gathered information about them. Terrific Tigers group looked at how many Mr Men books there were compared to other books:

Mr Men books
Mr Men books

Later on we began to look at tessellation. We discovered that not all shapes tessellate, but we found some that did…

Tessellate Tessellate

In the afternoon we looked at the artwork of M.C. Escher, in particular his tessellations. They were amazing! We made our own tessellating templates and tiled them on to a big piece of paper. Then we made the shapes into creatures, like Escher did.


Maths Week!

This week we’re holding a maths themed week in school. It will be full of fun and exciting activities, competitions and games for all the children (and families) at Bells Farm. We will be sending home a family quiz, where all the answers will be numbers, will be holding daily competitions or challenges and will even be involving the school kitchen where each day’s menu will have a maths ‘theme’!

On Friday we are hoping you will all get involved by sending your child into school with a maths themed hat……it could be a baseball cap with numbers or a bonnet with shapes, a spiral hat with number lines or sequences…..we know how inventive you all are. We will send out some more ideas at the start of the week, but perhaps you can get your thinking caps on now (maths ones of course) in readiness.

We know the children at Bells Farm all enjoy and get a lot of learning from our themed weeks, and this maths week will be no exception. We want to show the children that maths IS fun and can be creative and enjoyable in many different ways.