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Making photo frames

Over the last 2 weeks for topic the children have been completing a project to build a photo frame. They started with market research to see what a customer would want. Next, they explored different photo frames available. Moving on to the design and make process. Learning how to measure, mark, cut using a saw and assembling using a hot glue gun. They have now decorated they frames and will insert a photo for a special person to receive as a gift. Well done Puffins 🙂

Vincent Van Gogh

This week our topic has been art. We are currently looking at and appreciating the works of Vincent Wan Gogh. Whilst using different coloured pencils to get different tones we used Starry Night painting for our inspiration. Whilst colouring we listened to the soft voice of Don McClean singing Starry Starry Night about the life of Vincent Van Gogh.

New books for ERIC

During our ERIC (Enjoying Reading In Class) time today Miss William’s was incredibly kind to bring the children some brand new books. The children were very excited and couldn’t wait to get stuck in to them. Lots have them are using these books to tick of some of their challenges in their passports.

Anti-Bullying Week

Today as part of Anti-Bullying Week, the Puffins had a circle time about what bullying is and things they could do if they are being bullied.

‘If my friend was being bullied I would tell a grown up’ Evelyn
‘If I was being bullied I would talk to my parents’ Frankies
‘It is only bullying if it happens to you all the time not just once’ Thomas. S