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This week in Art, Puffins class have been focusing on self-portraits. We have finished off drawing one side of a photo using different coloured pencils to give different tones. Today we have used dot painting over a photo of themselves to show what different effects they can give to a plain image.

Art Week – Andy Warhol effects in Digital Media

Year 1 Puffins used a computer program to edit a photograph in the style of Andy Warhol’s Sunrise Sunset painting.

Mr Baddhan showed the children how easily artistic effects can be applied to images. Here are some of the work children produced.

This was the original image.

The children then applied some photo effects to the original image in the style of Andy Warhol.

Kerris M

Frankie D

Frankie L


Zaynab and Shona



Art Week -Andy Warhol

Wow! what a busy afternoon. As part of art week we have been focusing on the artist Andy Warhol using his beautiful painting Sunrise Sunset. Today we have finished some fabric painting choosing our own colours to fad from light to dark by mixing different tones of the same colour. Also we used clay to replicate the painting ready to be painted on Thursday when they are dry.

Wintery scenes

Welcome back to Puffins – the children all had a fantastic holiday. Today it was back to hard work, learning all about shapes in Maths and writing their very own journey tale to start our topic. This afternoon in art the children have created wintery scenes using lots of colours and materials for a collage picture.

Christmas cards


The Puffins have worked amazingly well this afternoon in DT creating their Christmas cards. Last week they designed their cards and discussed suitable materials and made a list of what they needed. This week they put the plan in to action and created their Christmas cards, ready to evaluate them tomorrow. The cards look fantastic Puffins and your parents will love them!