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The Puffins have been hard at it this afternoon exploring and learning lots of facts and information about the world for geography. Today we have mainly focused on the seven continents and discussed where they are and compared the sizes and population.

Using emojis online

This week so far the children have been doing a variety of activities to ensure they understand how to keep safe online with the added bonus of Safer Internet Week. As part of our circle time the children have discussed what emojis they would used for a variety of scenarios.

We also ensured the Puffins know what to do if these scenarios happened and they were very confident in doing the right thing. Well done puffins!

Video: Wild things

For the rest of the half term in English the Puffins are exploring the journey tale ‘Where the wild things are’ by Maurice Sendak. Mrs Sargeant has been working hard getting this fantastic display ready for our own journey tales.

Today we have been focusing on retelling the story through drama.

Essential and desirable

This afternoon the Puffins have had a great discussion on what is essential and what is desirable. First we established what these words meant and then we organised some pictures into a essential and desirable items. The poll at the end was very interesting.

Laptop – 4/25 children said was essential
Food 25/25 said was essential
Toys 13/25 said was desirable
Water 25/25 said it was essential
Home 25/25 said it was essential
Sweets 1/25 said they were essential
Education 23/25 said it is essential

2D and 3D shapes

This week in maths we have been concentrating on our 2D and 3D shapes also positional directions and ordinal numbers. We have had great for exploring how to group shapes and learning all the names and properties of both the 2D and 3D shapes. The children have especially enjoyed racing!