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Split digraphs sounds

This week the Puffins are working extra hard to learn all their split digraphs sounds. Each day they will be learning what they are, how to recognise them and how to use them within the correct words. This is a hard concept and they are so far doing fantastically at the understanding and practical applying of the a_e and e_e. Keep up the good work Puffins!

Phonics Screening

Next week (week commencing 15th June) the children will be completing their phonics screening check. Please practise their phonics as much as possible at home this weekend to support their understanding. The children have worked really hard to learn their phonics sounds and I am very pleased with their progress. It is really important that children are in school every day next week. Let’s showcase our hard work in Puffin class.


Possible activities:
– Pairs matching
– Treasure and trash
– Sound buttons

Suggested websites
Phonics Play
BBC Phonics website