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Stand up for yourself

Today the Puffins have had a big discussion about how we can stand-up for themselves and what they belief in. In groups they acted out different scenarios they would face if they had to stand up for themselves.
‘We could just say that’s your opinion to the other person’ Ryan
‘We could walk away and not say anything back’ Millie

Following this we decided on the best way to calm down if we got upset or angry.
‘We could think of something different’ Dehwa
‘We could go somewhere quiet to calm down’ Paige

We finished the lesson with learning some calming breathing techniques and gentle yoga.

Understanding worry

This afternoon the Puffins have been focusing on recognising and understanding worry. First we discussed what worry meaning and the type of feelings you may have when you worry.

‘You can be very scared’ Millie
‘It can be frightening to do something’ Ryan

We then read the story of Silly Billy by Anthony Browne and then we created our own worry dolls to tell our worries to and stick under our pillow. Finally we watched the story of ‘A Big Bag of Worries’ and decided we should create an official place in our classroom to stick all of our worries so our teacher can help us if she can.

Essential and desirable

This afternoon the Puffins have had a great discussion on what is essential and what is desirable. First we established what these words meant and then we organised some pictures into a essential and desirable items. The poll at the end was very interesting.

Laptop – 4/25 children said was essential
Food 25/25 said was essential
Toys 13/25 said was desirable
Water 25/25 said it was essential
Home 25/25 said it was essential
Sweets 1/25 said they were essential
Education 23/25 said it is essential

Reaching a goal

Puffin class have been discussing the importance of having a goal and working hard to achieve it.

To achieve our goals we need to:

– work hard (Shai-Ann)
– practise (Millie)
– concentrate (Ava)
– persevere (Kenzie)

Jacob: I would like to achieve getting better at number bonds
Tommy. L: I want to running fast than Flash in PE
Charlie: I would like to learn all of my number bonds to 10
Ryan: I would like to do maths better
Millie: I would like to practise and get better at drawing
Oliver: I would like to achieve of not being scared of really high things
Dehwa: I would like to get better at listening and doing instructions