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Singing Me, Myself and I

Today we started our music lesson by listening to a song called ‘Me, Myself and I’ and discussed our view on the song. Here are some of our answers.



We then practised singing the lyrics while keeping the pulse throughout the song. It was a hard task because the song makes us want to move around, but we tried really hard.

Video: Discussing a piece of music

Today Mrs Jones played us When I’m 62 by The Beatles.

We listened to the music before sharing our thoughts. We started keeping the beat throughout the song independently and Mrs Jones was very impressed.

Here are the questions we discussed:

Did you like the song?
Reuben – Yes, I like the beat.
Isabella – Yes, I liked the singing.
Llukan – No, it is too slow.
Oscar – Yes, it is nice and quiet. It is not too loud.
Maddison – Yes, I liked the words.

What can you hear?
Khaltum – I could hear a flute.
Ishmael – I could hear a trumpet.
Miranda – I could hear a piano.
Kyle – The drum is keeping the beat.

After warming up our voices, we then continued practising our pirate songs. We have learnt the words well and we have started to use the backing track to sing all the way through.

Music with different sounds


We had our first Music lesson with Miss Bowkett this morning.

First of all we thought about all the different sounds we can make using just our hands. We made loud and quiet sounds and practised how to change them.

Can you make your hands make these sounds?

Then we used lots of different musical instruments and followed Miss Bowkett’s signals to increase and decrease the volume. We were very good at this and are looking forward to using the instruments again next week!