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Light and Dark

This week for our science topic Puffins have been learning all about ‘Light and Dark’ in preparation for our trip to the ThinkTank next week. So far they have discussed sources of light and whether they are natural or man-made. Also they have discovered which animals are nocturnal and which are diurnal.

Our five senses

In science this week we have learnt all about our five senses. We tested our hearing and sight by completing a obstacle course with a blind fold and see how far we can see. We have used our touch to feel and describe different objects. We have also explored our taste by tasting things that were sweet, sour and salty.

Labelling body parts

This afternoon children have continued with science; labelling body parts and understanding their senses.

‘I like to taste sweets with my tongue’ Kenzie
‘I like to touch cats’ Conner
‘My favourite thing to use my sight for is telly’ Paige
‘I love using my ears for music, I like Little Mix’ Jessica

Life cycle

As part of a our plants topic for science we have learnt all about wild flowers, different plants and how they function and life cycles. Today the children have learnt all about what a plant needs to grow, they are going to use this information to look after the sunflower they planted. They will be taking it home to look after and after the Easter the children will be bring back their plants and the tallest plant wins a prize.

Butterfly Farm trip

Today the Puffins had their school trip to the Butterfly Farm in Stratford-upon-Avon. The children had a fantastic time looking at all the butterflies and minibeasts. We even had time to have a play outside and lunch in the sun.

Miss Coghlan would like to say how proud she was of the Puffins and the behaviour they displayed throughout the day. Well done.

Animal habitats and countries

Today the Puffins have been finishing our topic on Animals. We have allocated the animals to their habitats and countries. Here are some of the facts we have learnt along the way.

“Snakes have cold blood they are reptiles” Lola

“Tigers live in Asia they have fur to keep them warm” Nathan

“If elephants are hot they flap their ears to keep them cool” Callum.C

“Polar bears live in cold countries and have blubba to keep them warm” Brooke

“Giraffes live in Africa and they are herbivores” Kerris

“Hippos live in Africa and they can swim in water” Ryan

“Lions eat meat, they are carnivores” OIiver