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Classifying animals

Today the children have starting their science topic on Animals. As part of the introduction to this topic they have been classifying animals into the given groups.

‘Fish lay their eggs in the water’ Daisy B
‘If you stroke a snake they are cold so that means their reptiles’ Liam
‘Parrots have feathers not fur so they are birds’ Alexi

Light and Dark

This week for our science topic Puffins have been learning all about ‘Light and Dark’ in preparation for our trip to the ThinkTank next week. So far they have discussed sources of light and whether they are natural or man-made. Also they have discovered which animals are nocturnal and which are diurnal.

Our five senses

In science this week we have learnt all about our five senses. We tested our hearing and sight by completing a obstacle course with a blind fold and see how far we can see. We have used our touch to feel and describe different objects. We have also explored our taste by tasting things that were sweet, sour and salty.