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2D and 3D shapes

This week in maths we have been concentrating on our 2D and 3D shapes also positional directions and ordinal numbers. We have had great for exploring how to group shapes and learning all the names and properties of both the 2D and 3D shapes. The children have especially enjoyed racing!

New beginnings

What a great first full week for the Puffins, we have learnt all about sorting using a variety of ways in maths, practised our HFW’s and handwriting and learnt our Talk for Writing focus book Going on a Bear Hunt. Finally today the children have discussed at length new beginnings in regards to changes to their lives and others. After we talked bout our choices and the impact these have when we start new ventures, in particular good and bad choices.

‘If you make a bad choice you will not be happy’ Millie
‘Making good choices means you get good things’ Oliver
‘If you make a bad choice you can change it back to a god choice’ Jessica
‘Good choices in school means you could get a silver or gold card’ Amaya

Buying from Miss Coghlan’s shop

To continue our money topic for maths this week Puffin class have been purchasing lots of different products from Miss Coghlan’s shop. The children had to count out the correct amounts and ensure they were selecting the correct coins and using their fantastic adding skills too.

Also thank you to Amelia and her dad for sharing their old money with us, the Puffins loved looking at them.